24-May-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for lattice, trellises, Shephard's hooks, fencing to put around a garden and and other outdoor gardening supplies like this. Will pick up.
23-May-2018Butler, PA(17 miles)Items Wanted
Spanish language fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, magazines, etc. Will pick up
17-May-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Just looking for old records if you have any to give away. I'd appreciate it.
3-May-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a dresser or two for my son in need. would be greatly appreciated
3-May-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
grand parents who got custody of 3 children in desperate need of bunk beds. greatly appreciated
1-May-2018Butler, PA(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am trying to find a free or cheap pippy or dog for a forever home, dog or puppy preff trained to go outside to the bathroom either by self or leash doesnt matter and the younger the better but does not exclude dogs either. Jist looking for a loveable best friend. Thanks
1-May-2018Butler, PA(17 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a dog or puppy to come to their forever home and be our best friend, preff the younger the better but older dogs are not excluded please contact me by cell 7247120214 text or call is fine, or just by email at megan35g@gmail.com please and thank yOu.
30-Apr-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi. I m still looking for some baby boy items . The things I still need to get are a baby Einstein sea dreams soother , pack n play sheets, crib sheets, cradle sheets, bassinet sheets, changing table sheets. Any waterproof covers for these also. Washcloths, hooded towels , water play mat , mirror for backseat, roller shakes for windows, car seat canopy and covers, super yard gate playpen, crib ...
24-Apr-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for Bubble wrap and TV Boxes for moving. Thank you!
24-Apr-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for Bubble wrap and TV Boxes for moving. Thank you!
15-Apr-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Please let me know if anyone wants to recyle boxes. Need boxes for moving. Thanks.
8-Apr-2018Butler, PA(17 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a desktop pc that works.
3-Apr-2018Monaca, PA(13 miles)Items Wanted
27-Mar-2018Beaver Falls, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Anyone have any beginner level Spanish textbooks gathering dust? I'd love to receive them!
25-Mar-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Lightweight chains needed to hang lamps from a ceiling. Will pick up. Thanks! :)
25-Mar-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
For laptops. 48mm plug
24-Mar-2018Beaver Falls, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
I really need a stove and living room furniture. A stove is the most important. But also if anybody has a washer or dryer that would be amazing too. Basically I don t have anything, I have bedroom furniture and all he small stuff and kitchen utensils but none of the big things.
6-Mar-2018Beaver Falls, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 1-5 long pieces of wood. Must be sturdy and at least 5'5" long. Width does not really matter but would be best if at least 2" solid wide. My closent rack is starting to drop and gather all the clothes into the middle of the clothing rod that stretches approx 15feet wide. They will be used to help hold a closent rod up. I want to place them under clothing rack in various spots before...
5-Mar-2018Beaver Falls, PA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Good working portable dishwasher, portable washing machine and/or dryer. Can pick up at your earliest convenience.
27-Feb-2018Dartmouth, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
basement keeps flooding, need storage bins ASAP! will pay for them if needed. Thanks!
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